The End of CSGO Competitive Extreme

It is with a heavy heart I announce the ending of CSGO Competitive Extreme, with the series formally concluding on December 30th, 2018. CSGO Competitive Extreme started out as a personal project to track cheaters, and steadily grew to become the largest repository of Silver Rank competitive matches in the world. The average episode spans … Continue reading “The End of CSGO Competitive Extreme”

What is anti addiction online time?

Anti-addiction online time is used in jurisdictions (e.g: China) where players are limited to playing a game for a set period of time. You might be arriving at this page because Steam has introduced viewable game data for games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. For China, games are intended to shut down after a specific … Continue reading “What is anti addiction online time?”

CSGO Videos Merged With YT VICO

Individual CSGO Videos from Blactivision will no longer appear in CSGOScam. They should still exist on YT VICO. If you got here from a non-existing page, consider changing the URL to An example below * Old URL: (will result in a 404) * New URL:

CSGO Competitive Extreme collaborates with Deep Learning researcher

On April 25, the creator and host of CSGO Competitive Extreme, beatstar, provided 61 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive demo files to an independent researcher to further a deep-learning match analysis tool. The 61 demos included 3 files recognized as “corrupted” by CSGO Demos Manager, totaling 58 usable matches. CSGO Demos from do not contain text chat, … Continue reading “CSGO Competitive Extreme collaborates with Deep Learning researcher”