Can A VAC or Overwatch Ban Be Removed?

A conversation on the CSGO Discussion Section excited me today. It came from a user who asks: “Through Overwatch, can a player be incorrectly banned?” The short answer is “yes, but it’s extremely unlikely.” User Pestilence   summed it up quite well in the first reply: “if u really dont use hacks u will be fine”. User funnyS   … Continue reading “Can A VAC or Overwatch Ban Be Removed?”

Recommended: CSGO Data Analysis Project

Our first post on CSGOScam announced the transfer of several demos to a deep learning researcher for use in a statistical project. This month, driven by that gameplay data among others, the CSGO Data Analysis Project has been published by deep learning researcher Bill Freeman. CSGOScam, Your Trusted Source in the CSGO Community, is proud to … Continue reading “Recommended: CSGO Data Analysis Project”