CSGO Competitive Extreme Data Policy

CSGO Competitive Extreme is the #1 source of CSGO Silver competitive content on the internet, providing a unique experience of what it is like to be a player in CSGO. It operates as a free series and seeks to showcase full matches, gaming highlights, comedic moments, as well as a service to identify players who have been positively confirmed by the Steam service as cheaters and/or people who are game banned. It serves as the largest known CSGO Silver Rank repository on YouTube.

CSGO Competitive Extreme is a non-commercial video project, not a business. It is not based out of the European Union (EU), nor are persons from the European Union our intended audience. However, in light of interest about use of data, I have created this page to aid with any requests or inquiries you might have with the CSGO Competitive Extreme series.

Use of Data

What CSGO Competitive Extreme Collects

CSGO Competitive Extreme records matches made through Valve servers from my perspective, and saves them to an audiovisual file. It also includes voice and team text communications specific to the team I am playing on. This file is uploaded to YouTube and then other platforms (Twitch, BitChute). Each upload lists in the description the Steam nicknames and profile URLs of players participating.

CSGO Competitive Extreme also submits the share-code of the “demo file“, which serves as a server transcript/copy of the competitive match taking place, to a third-party platform: csgostats.gg. These demo files do not contain any player generated voice or text communication. On one occasion, I sent 61 demo files to a deep-learning researcher to use for non-commercial purposes.

I do not knowingly publish information that could personally identify you in the real world, such as e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, addresses (email or physical), or other compromising information. Please submit a removal request if you find such material – I will remove it promptly.

As CSGO Competitive Extreme is a non-commercial project, it is neither sold or licensed for a fee, per the Valve Video Policy.

Further, CSGO Competitive Extreme is not monetized. However, video-sharing platforms or Content ID claims may show ads on these videos, and I gain no financial benefit from their placement.

Why We Collect This Data

CSGO Competitive Extreme was founded to entertain and identify cheaters. A statistically significant amount of matches I have played (as high as one-fifth of all matches played) contain at least one person who has been VAC or game banned.

Audiovisual recording is necessary for CSGO Competitive Extreme’s journalistic purpose.

Demo files are sent to csgostats.gg to give insight on how the match transpired and who participated in it. The service also expedites discovery of Valve-Anti-Cheat (VAC) and game banned players, which serves the public interest.

Steam nicknames and URLs are necessary to uniquely identify players in a match; both Steam nicknames and URLs are publicly accessible.

How You Can Inspect This Data

You can inspect your data in many ways.

Demo file (statistics):

  • Via searching your Steam profile URL on csgostats.gg
  • If I still possess the file, I can provide the XLS file to our match which provides statistics in spreadsheet format.
  • If I still possess the file, I can send you the demo file (.dem format) of the game we played, which is a machine-readable transcript of our match.

Audiovisual file:

  • By searching your Steam nickname or profile URL on my YouTube channel.
  • By searching your Steam nickname or profile URL on Twitch.
  • By searching your Steam nickname or steamID64 (obtainable by searching your Steam profile here) on BitChute.
  • By searching your Steam nickname or profile URL on YTVI CO.

How Long We Keep This Data

This data is stored indefinitely until it is removed by me, by the publisher, or at player request.

How You Can Remove Your Data

If You are featured in CSGO Competitive Extreme, you can reduce or remove your data from CSGO Competitive Extreme upon request, and upon review I will do so in a timely manner and at no cost to You. You can submit request(s) to “de-list” or “remove” this content, and each process is explained in detail below.


De-listing entails removal of the player’s Steam nickname and Steam URL from the Content on all platforms under my control, but it does not remove the audiovisual file or demo file itself. We will honor any requests from players to De-list his or herself from the Content, except in the following cases:

  • The player has their Steam profile listed as “VAC” (Valve Anti-cheat) banned or game banned.
  • The player was clearly acting in an abusive manner.

Even when such exceptions apply, we may still remove the Content on a case-by-case basis. Such instances are described below.


Removal entails deletion of the player’s Steam nickname and Steam URL from the Content, as well as deletion of the audiovisual file and associated demo file on all platforms under my control.

We will remove Content in the following cases.

  • The player covered in the Content, or their parent/guardian, notifies us he or she is under the age of eighteen.
  • The player provided personally identifying information about himself or herself, such as (but not limited to) their full legal name, street address, e-mail address, bank account number, or other government sensitive or financially-sensitive identifier.
  • In order to comply with a valid court order or region’s jurisdiction.
  • At publisher discretion.

Removals from third-party sites

De-indentification requests for match entries on csgostats.gg may be sent via going to the bottom of their Privacy Policy page and logging in via Steam.

Inquiry Form

Here you can send a de-list, removal, or other request. You may also send me an e-mail found on my YouTube page.

Be sure to include your Steam profile URL and video you found yourself in, otherwise it will take longer to process your request.