The End of Reruns: How Much Did We Cost Twitch?

I’ve been a long time user of Twitch. As a matter of fact, my account originates from the time of Justin.TV, a separate but well-known streaming service that was acquired by Twitch in 2014. I stream occasionally on Twitch, but not enough to justify Affiliate or Partner status. In fact, I’m one measure short in … Continue reading “The End of Reruns: How Much Did We Cost Twitch?”

Can A VAC or Overwatch Ban Be Removed?

A conversation on the CSGO Discussion Section excited me today. It came from a user who asks: “Through Overwatch, can a player be incorrectly banned?” The short answer is “yes, but it’s extremely unlikely.” User Pestilence   summed it up quite well in the first reply: “if u really dont use hacks u will be fine”. User funnyS   … Continue reading “Can A VAC or Overwatch Ban Be Removed?”

Recommended: CSGO Data Analysis Project

Our first post on CSGOScam announced the transfer of several demos to a deep learning researcher for use in a statistical project. This month, driven by that gameplay data among others, the CSGO Data Analysis Project has been published by deep learning researcher Bill Freeman. CSGOScam, Your Trusted Source in the CSGO Community, is proud to … Continue reading “Recommended: CSGO Data Analysis Project”

What is anti addiction online time?

Anti-addiction online time is used in jurisdictions (e.g: China) where players are limited to playing a game for a set period of time. You might be arriving at this page because Steam has introduced viewable game data for games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. For China, games are intended to shut down after a specific … Continue reading “What is anti addiction online time?”

CSGO Competitive Extreme Unveils Data Policy

CSGO Competitive Extreme, the largest collection of Silver Competitive matches by a single channel, has unveiled a data policy earlier this week. The new data policy gives players featured in its content the opportunity to request de-listing or complete removal of their participation. The policy applies to all episodes of CSGO Competitive Extreme and is … Continue reading “CSGO Competitive Extreme Unveils Data Policy”

CSGO Videos Merged With YT VICO

Individual CSGO Videos from Blactivision will no longer appear in CSGOScam. They should still exist on YT VICO. If you got here from a non-existing page, consider changing the URL to An example below * Old URL: (will result in a 404) * New URL:

CSGO Competitive Extreme collaborates with Deep Learning researcher

On April 25, the creator and host of CSGO Competitive Extreme, beatstar, provided 61 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive demo files to an independent researcher to further a deep-learning match analysis tool. The 61 demos included 3 files recognized as “corrupted” by CSGO Demos Manager, totaling 58 usable matches. CSGO Demos from do not contain text chat, … Continue reading “CSGO Competitive Extreme collaborates with Deep Learning researcher”