The End of CSGO Competitive Extreme

It is with a heavy heart I announce the ending of CSGO Competitive Extreme, with the series formally concluding on December 30th, 2018.

CSGO Competitive Extreme started out as a personal project to track cheaters, and steadily grew to become the largest repository of Silver Rank competitive matches in the world. The average episode spans an entire competitive match, is recorded in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, and comes complete with player commentary.

Along the way, I’ve made several good friends, a couple of whom I’ve met outside of the game, and many others I hope to meet soon.

However, the making of CSGO Competitive Extreme is not without hardship. As a heavy user of the Twitch’s replay function, which allowed recorded videos to be live-streamed like a television marathon, exposure to the series was severely hampered when Twitch restricted its “re-run” policy to affiliates only. In addition, several episodes to this day are hidden from Google and YouTube’s search index: becoming only visible through other search engines or when using an episode’s exact title.

As streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch aggressively market the content of popular casters with short videos, particularly niche content such as CSGO Competitive Extreme ends up in the rough. Of course, it’s not entirely the platform’s fault: at over 600 episodes long, there is very little variation in except for the gameplay and the commentary. Playlists using match metadata (like the outcome, map, or even if there was a banned player) help narrow down what you might be looking for, but they can’t substitute for a unique name for each episode. Of course, that’s not so easy when you’re working with that many videos. 

So, with CSGO Competitive Extreme ending, what does this mean for the videos already up? In short, nothing should change. All CSGO Competitive Extreme content will continue to be processed by the CSGO Competitive Extreme Data Policy, and I will continue to process and respond to all inquiries and requests regarding such content.

I’m still committed to tracking cheaters and entertaining you in the in-between. So, you can still expect match highlights, as well as the interesting moments that come about from playing CSGO. You can also see my tracked matches and confirmed cheaters on my page.

I extend my thanks to the countless people who made CSGO Competitive Extreme possible. From the thousands of players I’ve played with (and against), to the hundreds of cheaters brought to light by VAC(net) and Overwatch, and to the many friends whose laughter and rage fueled me on. There is nothing in the CSGO world more special than an episode of CSGO Competitive Extreme, and it’s because of you that it went on for two years.

So, thank you, and I hope to play again soon.