CSGO Competitive Extreme collaborates with Deep Learning researcher

On April 25, the creator and host of CSGO Competitive Extreme, beatstar, provided 61 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive demo files to an independent researcher to further a deep-learning match analysis tool. The 61 demos included 3 files recognized as “corrupted” by CSGO Demos Manager, totaling 58 usable matches.

CSGO Demos from do not contain text chat, voice communications, or certain community actions or competitive cool-downs (if any were recorded in the match). Demos serve as a means to telegraph, albeit imperfectly, a copy of the events, movements, and actions of a match by all players participating. Such demos can hold great insight for player improvement in terms of ability, and that is why I’ve decided to collaborate with the researcher by providing a small sample of my demo collection. Read CSGO Competitive Extreme’s Data Policy.

You can contact the researcher via Steam.

UPDATE: The research project has been discontinued.